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Resource Builder - the complete solution for resource editing!

Resource Builder- resource editor for Windows

Tired of editing resource files? Keen to speed-up and improve the editing of resources scripts or files?

Nowadays, resource files are used in almost all applications development, but resource editing has always been a difficult and non-trivial task. Using our Resource Builder, the resource editing becomes the easiest and fastest task in your programming cycle. Our resource editor will provide you with a lot of easy-to-use and user-friendly What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors for each type of resource, and you will produce software even quicker than before. Full support for Windows Vista icons in icon resource editor brings you the most powerful resource editing tools for your projects.

Do you want to reduce development costs?

Most development tools (like Visual Studio and others) include resource compiler and resource editor only with expensive editions like Professional, Standard and others. Using Resource Builder among with cheap or even free (like Visual Studio Express) editions of development tools gives you the full power of advanced edition with minimal costs. As Resource Builder contains most user-friendly and intuitive interface developers will perform most resource editing tasks much faster and easily than using resource editors shipped with development tools. This lets you to reduce development time and as following the costs!

Do you need to support Unicode?

Resource Builder is a unique resource editor, which provides full support for Unicode. You can use Unicode resource scripts and Unicode data in your resources, and you will be able to edit them as easily as usual scripts.


What's new in version 3.0 (November 12, 2008)?
Symbolic IDs support! Resource Builder now supports symbolic IDs in RC files.
Support for 64-bit executables! Resource Builder now suports 64-bit executable files like EXE, DLL and others.
Direct resource editing in executable files. Resource Builder allows to edit resources directly in executable files as they would in RC or RES projects.
Resource Explorer. Resource Builder includes integrated Resource Explorer which allows to browse, find and import resources stored on your drive or in executables using Windows Explorer-like user interface.
Span-lines in Dialog Editor. Resource Builder will display span-lines while user moves or resizes any control in Dialog Editor.
Serbian and Italian languages for Resource Builder UI. Resource Builder now includes Serbian and Italian languages integrated into user interface.
A lot of improvements made in resource compiler and other modules.

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Resource Builder - full-featured resource editor for Windows that allows:

  • Visually edit RC and RES resource files using built-in visual editors with the unique full support of Unicode
  • Visually edit resources in EXE, DLL and other 32-bit as well as 64-bit exectable files (PE-files)
  • Patch, modify and update resources in executable modules such as EXE, DLL and other files (PE-files)
  • Import and explore resources in executable and other files files
  • Create resource-only DLLs (used for software localization) and many other powerful features
MSDN Magazine
  October 2005 - Resource Builder is featured in MSDN Magazine's New Stuff
If you need to build resource files for your applications, not just create icons and manage graphics, then Resource Builder is a resource management solution that includes multiple resource editors and a very fast compiler that supports all resource compiler (RC) format files. If you have to build resource files, Resource Builder is quite the workhorse.
  Quick Info  
  OS: Windows 98 and later
Price: $59 (Buy now)
Trial Period: 30 days
Version: (18 Sep 2009)
File Size: 4,205 K (Download now)

A quick look at Resource Builder
  Pain-free Ability to Edit Resources
  Using HTML resources to create user interface for your applications

Latest Version Screenshots
Full Support for Symbolic Defines! Integrated Resource Explorer
Main Window: with full support for Vista icons! Text Editor
Menu Editor Dialog Editor
" I must say that you've made a great program!" Dejan Milojevic, Serbia
"Resource Builder is one of the best programs in its class, a powerful solution for all resource-related tasks you need for the effective work." Editorial Review
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